EURODIB Commercial Spiral Mixer

These 1 speed spiral mixers are perfect for bakeries, pizza or pastry shops. They are often used for mixing a variety of dough products: from very stiff dough with low hydration to a high hydration dough such as ciabatta breads and pizza dough. The built-in timer allows you to program and set appropriate mixing times for various products. Built-in safety features include emergency stop and bowl guard switch. This machine has been designed for commercial applications.

This type of mixer can handle various types of dough as well: pie dough, mixing scones, and biscuits.

20, 30, 40, 50, 84.5, 137, 200 qt available for order


Item#: LM20T, LM30T, LM40T, LM50T, LR GM25B, LR GM50B, LR GM75B




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