Lazy Susan, Tempered Glass

Item#: GRT-80, GRT-90, GRT-100, GRT-110, GRT-70B, GRT-80B, GRT-90B, GRT-100B, GRT-110B, GRT-120B, GRT-130B, GRT-70B-4W, GRT-80B-4W, GRT-90B-4W, GRT-100B-4W, GRT-110B-4W, GRT-120B-4W, GRT-130B-4W,

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80cm, 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 70cm w/Base, 80cm w/Base, 90cm w/Base, 100cm w/Base, 110cm w /Base, 120cm w/Base, 130cm w/Base, 70cm w/Base & 4 wheels, 80cm w/Base & 4 wheels, 90cm w/Base & 4 wheels, 100cm w/Base & 4 wheels, 110cm w/Base & 4 wheels, 120cm w/Base & 4 wheels, 130cm w/Base & 4 wheels


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