Steel Wok, Single Handle, Various Sizes

Item#: D-16141, D16151, D-16161, D-16171, D-16141S, D16151S, D-16161S, D-16171S, S-16141, S-16151, S-16161, S-16171, S-16141S, S-16151S, S-16161S, S-16171S

Additional information

Size, Depth & Handle

14" Deep Wok, Steel Handle, 14" Deep Wok, Wooden Handle, 14" Shallow Wok, Steel Handle, 14" Shallow Wok, Wooden Handle, 15" Deep Wok, Steel Handle, 15" Deep Wok, Wooden Handle, 15" Shallow Wok, Steel Handle, 15" Shallow Wok, Wooden Handle, 16" Deep Wok, Steel Handle, 16" Deep Wok, Wooden Handle, 16" Shallow Wok, Steel Handle, 16" Shallow Wok, Wooden Handle, 17" Deep Wok, Steel Handle, 17" Deep Wok, Wooden Handle, 17" Shallow Wok, Steel Handle, 17" Shallow Wok, Wooden Handle


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